Tampa Fun Areas of Interest

Whether you are moving to Tampa or on vacation, your days can be filled with many choices of fun, interesting, and even unique places available to you in the Tampa area.

How about a fully interactive experience for children, to learn and explore through imagination and play? There are many areas of interest that include robotics, engineering, oceanography, and world cultures. For example...

Big Cat Rescue

is an adventure like no other. This is a guided tour, booked ahead (so make your reservation).  You will learn about the care and rehabilitation of these big cats - such as tigers, lions, leopards, servals, caracals, bobcats, jaguar, lynx.

Tampa Zoo

Where can you go to see over 2,000 animals in their natural habitats, plus a \"backstage\" look at how they live and are taken care of?  You can see and experience this at the Tampa Zoo at Lowry Park.  You will see elephants, penguins, panthers, tortoises, and more.

Busch Gardens

African-themed Busch Gardens is for families, including thrill rides, performances, and exotic animals in their natural habitat.  You can actually take a safari through reproductions of African villages and camps, to see some special animal life in natural habitat settings.  You don\'t even need to go to Africa for this fabulous and educational adventure!

Museum of Science and Industry

Do you or your children love things like technology, robotics, and even physics or math?  If so, you will love the Museum of Science and Industry, for some real-world learning. There is even a life-size model of the Mercury spacecraft.

The Florida Aquarium

Get up close to many of Florida's aquatic and terrestrial animals, as well as many others from around the world. The Florida Aquarium is more than just a tourist attraction. They are actively working on conservation efforts and research to restore Florida's sea turtle, coral, and shark populations.

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