Do you know about Ybor City?

One of the most interesting things you can do/see when in Tampa is Ybor City.  Be prepared to discover:


  • It is a National Historic Landmark District
  • It was founded in 1886 by Vicente Martinez-Ybor
  • It was Florida\'s first industrial town
  • It is sometimes called the \"Greenwich Village\" of Tampa
  • There is even a song written about Ybor City!
  • Shopping and restaurants

Many major cities in the United States boast of a \"historic district\" and some buildings and areas are preserved as historic sites.  Ybor City itself is full of history and is considered on the whole as a \"historic district.\"

You will not want to miss seeing this unique, historic, interesting and exciting feature while in Tampa.  It tells a story that can only be found in Ybor City, as it has been preserved and offers so much variety to a visitor.

Visit the Ybor City Museum State Park to get the whole story about this fun and fascinating place!

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